Why do I work at NewNew?
Why do I work at NewNew?

Why do I work at NewNew?

...because I fucking love it!

Hey! I’m Jenn👋🏻, Head of PR at NewNew; a digital marketplace where people sell their decisions and the audience tells them what to do next.

I joined the company in October 2020 and I work remotely from Toronto, Canada.

I love red wine, tequila blanco, pizza, fitness, anything on Bravo, my friends and family (not in that order, or my mom and husband wouldn't be happy!).

Let me keep it real with you…

I had just finished maternity leave and was about to accept an offer for an exciting senior position at a large international company...and then I got a call from NewNew’s founders, Courtne and Fil.

From the very start, our convo was easy, funny and very real. I got off the call feeling excited, nervous, inspired and even a bit confused.

I now had a big decision to make and time was not on my side. I had 48 hours left to take the other job.

I never imagined myself as someone who would take a chance on a startup and it’s usually hard to get a read on a job from an initial call...but that call showed me exactly who Courtne and Fil were as people and founders.

They’re unlike anyone I’ve worked with before. They demand the absolute best, because they give it their all every single day. They are direct and unapologetically honest. They definitely don’t coddle you and they expect you to do your greatest work at all times.

I politely declined the other job and took a chance on NewNew. All those feelings I felt after our first call made me realize that those were the qualities I wanted in my next job. If we’re not excited, nervous, inspired and confused...then what’s the point?

I’m having the time of my life and we’re just getting started.

People love NewNew. It’s one of those products that just makes sense at its core and it’s at the precipice of making a huge impact by giving people the means to earn money and to be entertained on their own terms. It’s unlike any other product on the market and that’s what makes working here so exciting.

We don’t hold hands and sing kumbaya, but we’re a tight-knit team that tackles the impossible together every day. We move fast. We’re direct and to the point. We’re honest with ourselves and with each other. We strive to be the best. We believe in taking risks. We’re loyal. We want to change the world. 💪🏻

That’s what’s expected of anyone who wants to come along on this crazy ride with us.

If you want to shake shit up in tech and do your life’s best work then shoot me an email jennifer@newnew.co or apply here.

Hope to see you soon!